Forecast Jar

There are a lot of IoT projects out there dealing with weather / weather conditions etc. I’ve been tinkering with some as it’s a great way to learn things around microcontroller boards like Arduino.

After playing around with some designs I wanted something simple for my room to check tomorrow’s weather forecast at a glance.

So this is the Forecast Jar.

Design is simple component side. An esp8266, two RGB common anode leds and a DHT22 sensor for local weather conditions.

The code (is a mess but “Hey! It compiles!”) uses Weather Underground API in its free version which offers enough daily requests for this project.

Of course Forecast Jar has a web interface (esp8266 ;)) in which you can check local conditions reported from DHT22 sensor and, more importantly, you can change the location of the Forecast Jar with latitude and longitude so it can request the correct conditions from Weather Underground.

Also in the web interface there is the color legend for the forecast conditions

The Forecast Jar (in code) is also connected to IFTTT Maker if needed and reports it’s DHT22 data to a ThingSpeak channel so we can have pretty graphs of our room temperature and humidity :)


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