esp8266: Yet another esp WiFi config to eeprom..

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Yes out there is the excellent WiFimanager for saving the config of our esp8266 and it’s great.

Just wanted to try something quick and dirty on my own (learning process)

Started looking chriscook8’s esp-arduino-apboot code and tried to rewrite the heck out of it.
The goal was to have all this in a separate file and not in my main server/project sketch. Instead have it open in another IDE tab and just make a call from the main.

  • This is not a library (and it may never become one..)
  • You must have the two files “espWiFi2eeprom.h” and “espWiFi2eeprom.ino” in the same directory with your project sketch.
  • Has been tested with NodeMCU v1.0 and Arduino IDE 1.6.5-r5 in Windows 7
  • Check “example-espWiFi2eeprom.ino” for an example of usage along with another server.
  • You can edit “espWiFi2eeprom.h” in order to change parameters.

Oh and I’m no programming guru but it works! Check it, hack it or blow it up:


info about esp8266

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